Build a WordPress Website in a Weekend

QUICK WEBSITE BUILDING is the course to kickstart your businesses online presence. 

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Why You Need This Course

We know the world has changed in ways we simply didn't think possible just a couple of years ago. This has affected so many businesses and the way they need to operate to survive.

There are many reasons why businesses now need an online presence. Not everyone can afford top notch website developers to give their shop a true professional touch. This is why people are looking to doing it themselves.

I'll be honest with you, building a website is not straight forward and it's not for everyone, but I can make it easier for you. I've been building WordPress websites for over 5 years now, and websites using other platforms for around 15 years.

In this video tutorial course, I guide you through the basics of setting up a website. I include simple explanations so even if this is brand new to you, I promise you're not going to feel lost or swamped by too much information that's not actually relevant. 

I include recommendations and links to quality, reliable and value for money website hosting and domain name services, as well as links to sites that provide beautiful professional images that you can download and use on your site for FREE.

get your Online Business Up and Running Fast!

Buying this course gives you direct access to my online videos and transcripts that give straight forward step by step instructions of how to set up a WordPress website, from the start to the finish.

At the end, you'll have a site that's ready for your content that's going to promote your business and get your customers excited. The hard bit will have been done already.

The Course comes with...


Step by Step Video Guides

Why waste time learning about things that you will only ever do once during a website set-up?

I'll guide you through:

  • Domain Registration and Website Hosting.
  • Setting up your personal Domain email.
  • Standard WordPress and Plugin settings.
  • Setting up the 5 Pages that every website needs.


A Transcript of each Lesson

Not all of us a visual learners. Sometimes it's easier to watch a video, and then follow the steps using a transcript.

This is why all the video lessons are available in easy-to-access PDF documents. The Transcripts include all the information and screenshots you need to get you set up.

These can be downloaded onto your computer so you can access them at any time.  


Easy Add-on Extra's

This course covers the basics of what you need to get your site up and looking professional, but what if you need more? 

There are add-on courses which cover: 

  • Setting up and integrating a Newsletter/Subscribers database.
  • How to add a Payment Gateway to take Credit Card and PayPal payments. 
  • Using a Theme Builder and Page Editor to really customise your site to make it STAND OUT! 

You can cherry-pick the courses you need, or purchase as a Bundle and save yourself some $$$.  

What my Clients are saying

"You NEED this Course"

I didn't think I needed a website until Covid stopped my clients from walking in the front door. I was able to set up my website over a couple of days. It took me a few more days to upload my fact sheets and all of my articles, but this gave my clients access to the information they needed without having to leave their homes. 

Leesa A - medical consultant

"This course made it easy!"

I don't need or want to learn all the behind the scenes stuff in creating a website. I just wanted it set up so I could add my content, and that's EXACTLY what this course gave me. I honestly couldn't be happier.  

Nathan taylor - motorbike enthusiast and full time blogger

"Don't wait. Just buy the course!"

Even after spending a hell of a lot of hours looking into building my own website, I still didn't know where to start. Thankfully I stumbled across this course, and thought, "Why not?" It saved me DAYS of painful research, and probably pulling my hair out! I still have a lot to learn, but I now have the basics done. I can now really move forward with my site.

j. garcia - reviewer of men's watches

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