What are the 3 Telltale Signs that you need a Good Business Coach?

You can start a business on your own, but sustainable growth and long-term success require help from others. A business coach can provide the outside perspective, motivation, and guidance you need to take your business to the next level.

Here are some tell-tale signs you need a business coach.


1. You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

The fundamentals of running a profitable business are simple:

  • Have a product or service
  • Find customers who want that product or service
  • Charge a price that covers your costs and leaves you a profit

Each element of this simple equation is essential and requires different strategies, processes, and skills. From product and website development and marketing to sales and pricing, there are a lot of moving parts in a business.

If you’re not reaching your goals, it’s likely that you’re not executing effectively in one or more of these areas. A business coach can help you diagnose the problem and develop a plan to steer your business back on track.

Finding the right Business Coach

2. You’re Stuck in a Rut

Another sign that you need a coach is that you feel frustrated or stuck in a rut. Even the most successful businesses go through periods of stagnation.

When you’re in a rut, it can feel like you’re running in place, trying different things but not making any progress. Having an experienced coach can help you become unstuck and move forward again.

3. You Don’t Have a Plan

Finally, if you're in over your head, it may be time to seek some help from a professional. 

Businesses need a clear vision and defined goals to be successful.

Moreover, they need a step-by-step strategy to achieve those goals. Without a road map, it’s easy to become sidetracked and slow down your progress. 

You need a good business coach

Finding the Right Coach

To find a business coach, the best place to start is to ask for recommendations from other business owners you trust. 

Once you have a few coaches in mind, schedule a free consultation call to learn more about their coaching style and philosophy.

This is also a good opportunity to develop a feel for their personality and whether they’re a good fit.  

When you’re evaluating different coaches, look for someone who has experience in your industry and a proven track record. If you can't afford a coach yet, there are plenty of online resources, tools, and courses that can help you get started.

Structuring your business entity, for instance, is an important step that you can do yourself with the help of an online business formation service like Zenbusiness. These experts can help you register your business as a limited liability corporation and ensure you're compliant with all the necessary filing requirements.

Structuring your business correctly from the start has plenty of benefits, including personal asset protection, tax savings, and credibility with customers and partners.

However, the regulations differ from state to state, so get help from a professional who's familiar with the process in your jurisdiction.

Get Unstuck

Boosting your business to the next level requires making strategic decisions and taking action. Coaching with Sharon Mary can help you find clarity in your business so you can achieve your goals. 

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