How much does it really cost to set up and run a website for a year?

In this article, I'm going to tell you how much I spend yearly on my websites. I'm not a big company with lots of data and visitors, I'm just an average person. This is my own personal experience with my range of small websites.

A small website is commonly considered one with anything up to around 50,000 visitors a month. Many consider anything under 100,000 visitors a month to be small.


Internet Access

Most of us have internet access of some sort. If you're working on a website, then you will want to get the fastest you can afford.

Don't waste time waiting on a slow internet connection every time you want update your site, or add new articles.

Domain Names

Domain Names are important, but they don't have to be expensive. My websites are registered with They provide a good service at a great price.

Try and go for .com wherever you can but as registering a Domain name isn't expensive, it may work out cheaper to go for 2 years registration instead of 12 months. You'll be surprised how quickly a year can zip past.

NameCheap also provide FREE lifetime Domain Privacy Protection which is an add-on extra on many other domain name registration services. for example, charge $18.95 for Domain Privacy Protection on top of the domain name purchase. have a range of other services available. I've found it easy to navigate around My Account on their site to find what I need, make changes, update my details, or add on services (for me, that's extra domains).

Click the button below to go to NameCheap and see for yourself.  

Website Hosting - The Best in Support

There are 2 website hosts that I'm very happy to recommend. These are not the cheapest around, but they will save you money in other ways. Web Hosting is the one thing that you want to spend money on getting it right.

The 2 web hosting companies I recommend are SiteGround and WPX.

Don't waste money on a web host that is cheap, but whose support is lacking or very slow, or they have too many technical issues and your site is not up and running for periods of time (downtime). It's simply not worth the stress. 

In the overall scheme of things, web hosting is probably going to be the biggest outlay that can't be avoided. The thing that you need to remember with both Siteground and WPX is that they have has amazing reliability and back up support, no matter where you are in the world. 


Siteground has a great introductory offer when it comes to signing up with them for the first time. The price of hosting jumps a fair bit once the introductory offer expires, so make sure you pay for as much as you can up front, because it's worth it.

You can either pay monthly or yearly, but it's cheaper to pay yearly. This can feel like a bit of a hit to the back pocket when the bill comes around. 

Siteground Pricing Sept 2021

WPX looks expensive when compared to the Intro prices of Siteground, but there isn't much between WPX's Business Plan and SiteGround's Start Up Plan once you come off the special price.

I know many website owners who start with SiteGround and move to WPX once their business really starts to grow.

WPX Pricing Sept 2021

Platforms - Free Website Builder, and Not So Free Ones

What's a Website Platform?

A platform what we use to build our websites. This could be Wix, Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, or any of the website builders that come with web hosts. There is a huge number of website platforms available, but I prefer WordPress for a variety of reasons.

You can package up your website builder with your hosting company, buy a monthly membership on sites such as Shopify, or get access to a huge range of themes (designs) for free with WordPress. WordPress has a bit of a learning curve to begin with, buy hey, doesn't almost every website builder? 

Which Plugins?

WordPress uses Plugins to add extra options (functionality) to your website.  Which ones you select to install can also come down to personal preference.

Although there are thousands of Plugins, it always better to keep these to a minimum. I take you through the full list of plugins I recommend you install in my course. There are a few common ones all sites should have such as WordPress and Akismet.

There is a Free and a Premium version of WordFence. So far, the Free version has served me well. One I recommend you pay for is Akismet. 

akismet Spam Protection
Akismet keeps an eye out for incoming spam and automatically filters it out from your site’s comments and contact forms. 
Akismet Pricing Sept 2021
website Payment Gateways

Website that sells products or services online need a Payment Gateway. These cover large online stores with many products, to a site that may be quite small only selling a service.

Payment Gateway Plugins such as WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site, and is free.

WooCommerce has extensions to their basic plugin which you can choose to purchase. Some Extensions available include allowing visitors to book their appointments, make reservations, or rent equipment without leaving your site.

If you go with a platform such as Shopify, you will have ongoing monthly costs, and every add-on adds to your monthly costs. This is one reason why I moved away from Shopify and onto WordPress. 

So how much can you expect to pay? 

To keep costs to a minimum, I write my own content and work on my websites myself. I don't hire copywriters, and I film and upload my videos and write my own Course transcripts.

My videos are filmed on my phone and action camera. I did buy a slideshow maker, and screen recorder to make professional looking videos. This was a one off payment from Movavi. Depending on your business, you'll find you will have one-off start up costs.

My ongoing yearly costs are for: 

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Internet Connection
  • Akismet Plugin

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