Quickly Build a Professional WordPress Website

It would easily take a month of reading tutorials and watching YouTube videos on how to set up a WordPress website - and this is before you even get started.

With my course, you short circuit all of that and follow step-by-step guides on how to set up the essentials you need to have a professional and functional WordPress site.

This is a no fuss approach to get your site up and ready in a weekend.

Building a Website

Times have changed, we all know that. There are now more businesses and individuals than ever who realise they now need a good online presence. 

Starting from Nothing

Do you have a new business, side hustle or business / blog that you want to take online? Don't waste months learning the ins and outs of WordPress.

Upgrade an Existing Website

Do you want a more professional looking website than the one you have, a site that Google loves? Once set up, adding and updating your WordPress site is easy.

Add Extra Functionality

What about including online shopping or newsletter options on your site? Tutorial will take you through the best integrations for WordPress websites. 

About The Courses

You don't need to know what every setting within WordPress does, and I don't waste time on long explanations. 

You will gain access to a comprehensive video guide which shows you exactly what your settings should be, and which Plugins to install. 

And don't worry if you're not a visual learner, all the videos come with downloadable transcripts so you'll also have a PDF copy of the instructions that you can access anytime, right on your computer.

Choose your Product

Set up a WordPress Website in a Weekend.

This step-by-step course is designed to get your site up and running quickly. 

Make your site look professional, and easy to navigate.

Explore the options - compare the free WordPress themes, with popular value for money editors.

Add a Shopping Cart and Payment options to your website.

Need extra functionality? I'll take you through the most cost effective way to add a shopping cart and payment options to your site. 

What Past Course Users Are Saying...

Testimonial from Penny McKenzie - UrallaSolutions.com

Penny McKenzie


After finishing my Interior Design degree, I was working in a full time job and managing a family. I didn't have any spare time to set up the website I had been dreaming of.

Sharon set up all of the behind-the-scenes bits that I didn't have a clue about, then she worked with me to get the colors and feel to my new site that I wanted. I'm very happy with my website. 

Jace Garcia - WatchYourselves

Jace G.

Blogger & Watch Reviewer

I purchased an established WordPress website, but wanted to update the look and change it to something more of what I liked.

I was brand new to WordPress. This course took me through the steps I needed to know to set up email, hosting, and start my newsletter list. I'm happy with the results.

Still Too Hard? 

What if you don't have the time, inclination, or simply don't want to do it yourself? 

There are packages available if you want me to set up your site for you. These range from the basic set up of a WordPress site, domain and web hosting and email set up, to including payment gateways, and email marketing campaigns.

The choice is yours.

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